Winners in ITV Pick 7

What is the procedure if nobody makes the correct choice of 7 winners in ITV Pick 7

If there occurs a situation in which no participant is able to make the correct choice of all the 7 winners, then an assurance is made that they receive a consolation prize. It is traditionally given off on the basis of the performance of the participants. Generally, a consolation prize is kept for broadcasting competitions. The prize is worth £1000. Also, for non-broadcasting variant of competition, £100 is given away as a prize. Also, the identification of the best performing participant is done by considering the following rules. They have been mentioned briefly in a descending order:

  • One who has managed to get 6 wins with 1 placed.
  • One who has a total of 6 wins with 0 placed and 1 in unplaced state.
  • One who has grabbed 5 wins with 2 placed.
  • One who has altogether 5 wins with 0 placed and 2 unplaced.
  • A person who has 4 wins with 3 placed is considered.
  • Then, a person with 4 wins, 2 placed and 1 unplaced is selected.

After this, again the choice is made in the following ways:

  • One with 4 wins, 1 placed and 2 unplaced.
  • One who has 4 wins, 0 placed and 3 unplaced.
  • An individual with 3 wins and 4 placed is considered.
  • After this, a person with 3 wins, 3 placed and 1 in unplaced state.
  • One who has 3 wins, 2 placed and 2 in unplaced state.
  • A person with 3 wins along with 1 placed and 3 unplaced.

· Finally, the person with 3 wins, 0 placed and 4 unplaced is considered.

The record of the winners is maintained in this order. It passes on to the next if no one makes it to the required criteria.

If in the game of ITV Pick 7, there occurs a situation of tie. Then, that candidate is chosen for the consolation prize who had submitted his ITV7 entry the earliest. This gives an extra edge over the still-tied participants.

How can one register himself and enter into ITV pick 7?

As already mentioned, the ITV pick 7 requires no pre-investment of money. In order to be eligible for the game, one needs to follow the mentioned steps. Individuals must be 18 years or older. Also, they must be residents of the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands. In order to get yourself started, you are required to log into or make yourselves register as per the instructions of ITV7.

If you are already into this game and have also registered yourself for the same, then simply a logging into action will be sufficient. Also, make sure to fill in the proper details while entering the portal of ITV7. If individuals possess any pre-existing sporting life's pick 7 accounts, then they can also use those details to log into the portal.

For completely new users with no prior knowledge of entering into the portal, just hit the "Login and Register" button. Make sure to fill in the details properly. This will enable the members of ITV7 to contact you, in case you make to the top or win any sort of prizes.

Is it possible to use the details of one's previous ITV7 account?

Unfortunately, this cannot happen. Individuals are expected to enter ITV7 and participate in ITV pick 7, only via using the details of his existing account. How the whole registering process will be done has been mentioned in the upper section.

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Can one use his ITV pick 7 account's details

This is an important question in the FAQ list. The answer is an obvious yes. It is possible that one can use his old Pick 7 account details. He can log in to the portal using those details. They will work exactly the same way for ITV7. So, there's no requirement of indulging yourself in making a whole new account for the same.

Can a person’s pre-existing sporting account be used to play ITV Pick 7?

For this, the answer goes definitely yes! But in this case, your pre-existing account must be linked to ITV7 as per their norms. For this, you can also fill in with the same details as you did while entering into that account. This will ease out account making process. If you already have one, then there's no further need of making another account in order to play the game of ITV Pick 7.