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This is Sabal Shretha sky diving.

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Crazy 13 Year Old Sky Dives Off Mount Everest

Author: Sabal Shrestha

On March 15 a crazy 13 year old boy climbed to Mount Everest, but he thought that wasn't enought for him. He decided to skydive off which is a 29,029 feet drop. The drop lasted more than 20 minutes and scientists are baffled how he survived. For more information about this article go on page 7.


13 Year Old Boy Digs Tunnel to China

Author: William Dang

Local Boy wonder Sabal Shrestha digs a tunnel to China. He got there in a mere 2 days. Scientists and everyone alike do not know how he did it. He started his on March 13 and got there on March 16. For more information go on page 10.

This the Great Wall of China.

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Ferrari Racing

13 Year Old Boy Goes Drag Racing in a Ferrari

Author: Matthew Slaughter

On March 18, 13 year old, Euless resident Sabal Shrestha goes drag racing in a Ferrari LaFerrari. He got first place in the race, and people are astonished that a 13 year can even drive. This is not the first time Sabal Shrestha has dones something this crazy. For more information go on page 11.

This is a Ferrari LaFerrari.

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