Missouri Today!!!

What Missouri is Today By: Caylen, Preston and Wilson

Today Missouri is a show me state.

Most Missouri's schools are switching to solar power.

Missouri's location

Missouri's location

Missouri's location is Located in the mid west region, U.S.A, North America, western hemisphere, Earth. Missouri Is also called The Gateway to the west.

Land forms in Missouri

The Missouri's land forms in Missouri look like: plateaus, plains, small hills, lots of flowing water, and rivers. Did you know that Native-Americans made small mounds and built on them.Missouri has many forests too.

What Missouri's climate is like.

Missouri has wild weather which means it is hard to predict. Also Missouri weather is like tornadoes and in winter blizzards,or very very cold windstorms.

What Are Missouri's natural resources?

Missouri's resources Include common clay, fire clay,lead,silver,copper,coal,zinc. Natural resources are things found in the environment. That's why its called natural resources.

Who are Missouri's most famous Artist, Athletes, Musicians, and Writers

One of Missouri's best-know artists was the painter Thomas Hart Benton,Mark Twain,Gorge Caleb,Nelle E Peters,Sabra Tull Meyer. Missouri's famous writers include langston Hughes, T.S Elliot,Laura ingles wilder,and Samuel Clemens. Missouri's Musicians and Athletes are Charlie Parker,and Jackie Joyner Kersee

Missouri's Map

Has a whole bunch of different Regions including Glaciated till Plain,Mississippi Lowlands, Ozark Highlands,Osage Plains.
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How is Missouri Diverse?

Missouri was once populated with Indians then France,England,and Spain settled.Then here comes Germany and Ireland bringing Africans. Then they had kids.