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I was born and raised in Maryland. I am a graduate from Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. I have a BA in American Sign Language and Interpreting. I am a member of the Register of Interpreters for the Deaf. My passion for ASL started at a young age and has grown into a blossoming career. I am blessed and honored to be working in this amazing field of interpreting. As I start on my professional journey, I look forward to furthering my education and experiences.

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Interpreting Philosophy and Goals

As an American Sign Language Interpreter, my job is to facilitate communication between both hearing and Deaf parties. My responsibility is also to provide equal access to all individuals involved and mediate between cultural differences. As a working professional, I will follow RID's Code of Ethics and confidentiality.

My dream as an ASL interpreter would be to establish an equine therapeutic riding center specifically tailored to Deaf individuals.



  • Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language and Interpreting - December 2015
  • SLPI Results: Advanced
  • National RID Membership

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Translation Project
Need You Now - Religious Interpreting

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