Roanoke Island

Shakia Smallwood || Mrs. Mills || 3rd period

How Roanoke Was Founded

  1. The Roanoke Colony, also known as the Lost Colony, established on Roanoke Island. It was a late 16th-century when Queen Elizabeth attemped to establish a permanent English settlement. The colony was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh on July 4th in 1585

What Happened To Roanoke?

john white and his crew left the town for supplies, when they left some friends and family behind including his daughter and her new born child. they had arrived at England when war was accurring. him and crew could not sail back to Roanoke island until war was over. which it lasted for 2 years. after war was over they had sailed back to the island with supplies that was needed, when they came to find out no one was there. everyone was gone, nothing was left but their bones. they searched for clues to find the lost colony. they found nothing but a tree with CRO carved into it. they looked around the houses and John even looked in his hiding spots to see if his treasures was still there but nothing but pictures and clothes were left. they found another tree that had the full word CROATOAN spelled out.

About The People That Lived In Roanoke Island

the Roanoke settlers spoke English and was Americans. they were Christian believers. John white was their governer. Also, Roanoke was a small island surrounded by shallow water with no place to anchor large ships. There was not enough farmland to feed a permanent colony. It was clearly not the right place for a 'new' England.

Reasons Why I Would Want To Live On The Roanoke Island

1. Roanoke seemed like a nice calm kind of area to live. It seemed as if there was rarely any fights or arguments.

2. It sounded more like they all were treated like family but worked hard to survive together.

3. There wasn't a lot of rules but to farm and build and personal I like build.