Mrs. Nutt's Newsletter

Austin Elementary

Our Week In Review

Teddy Bear Day was so much fun!

Teddy Bear Parade

Week of September 20-24

Language Arts

*practice spelling words with the "ap" word chunk

*sequence the parts of a story

*poetry - If I were An Apple

*high frequency word - and

*Thinking Map - circle map

*learn that good writers add details

We are reading...


*Ten Apples Upon Top

*How Do Apples Grow?

*The Season's Of Arnold's Apple Tree

*A Day At The Apple Orchard

*Johnny Appleseed

*Apples Of Your Eye


*compose and decompose numbers 0 to 5

*read number words

*practice making sets that are equal

*create an AB pattern

*analyze the data from a bar graph


*identify the needs of plants

*life cycle of an apple tree

*fall season

Upcoming Events


Library books are due on Thursdays!

Wear tennis shoes on P. E. days - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!

*September 23 - Send in your apples!

*October 10 - Student Holiday/Parent Conference Day

Click here to schedule at conference time!

*October 13 - School Holiday

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