Queen Mary

By Ernesto H, Seth R., Shae, Casey

Personal History

  • First queen to rule England in her own right.
  • Known as 'Bloody Mary', for persecution of Protestants
  • Crushed a rebellion by Sir Thomas Wyatt
  • Her husband left her
  • She died childless on November 17, 1558
  • Her hopes for a Catholic England died with her.
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What country was she from ?

Queen Mary was from Palace in Greenwich, England

Interesting Facts

  • England's first female Monarch
  • Mary took throne after brief reign of half brother edward
  • Earned Nickname "Bloody Mary" for burning protestants.
  • Mary was removed from the line of succession for fear of restoring catholicism

Why are they Famous

She killed and executed many protestants during her reign which led to the post human as sobriquet "Bloody Mary"

Impact on Reformation

Impact is death of many protestants that helped the reformation of catholicism.