Plant a Fruit Tree In Israel

Join us on our 490 trees goal!

So what's the story?

Trees are a vital part in our existence and help create a better life environment wherever they grow. Fruit trees have an additional natural and spiritual value, as it is said in Torah "When you come to your home land and plant any food tree..." (Vayikra 19,23).

In honor of Tu Bishvat and consistent with our commitment to a greener world, the AJA community has set a goal to plant 490 trees in Israel, 1 per each AJA student!!!

The trees are to be planted in 3 main orchards in the settlement Eloney Shilo, where our own Rav Shachar and Morah Lian are from.

To participate, simply fill the form below and return to AJA with your child.

And this is not all!

  1. For each tree planted, a leaf will be added to our "AJA virtual tree" (look for the tree in the AJA hallways)
  2. Upon reaching our goal of 490 trees, a round trip ticket to Israel* will be raffled among those who donate or solicit more than 10 trees! (1 raffle ticket per 10 trees),
  3. The class with the most amount of trees planted will get a "Pizza & Ice Cream Party"!!!

For any questions please contact

*Airfare to Israel is limited to $1,000

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