Diana 1st Period


Indonesia a beautiful free and fair country that is taking the world by storm with more than 251,160,124 people . The capital is Jakarta with about 9.608 million people.Indonesia was once taken over by the Dutch in the 17th century. Japan once occupied the Islands in 1942-1945. Later Indonesia got independence from Japan before they surrendered, after a lot of problems they got their independence in 1949.They were a Parliamentary Democracy until 1957 because President Soekarno declared martial law and then became a Guided Democracy From 1967 - 1988 Indonesia was ruled by this law. Indonesia is now the third most populated democracy the largest archipelago and the largest Muslim territory although a fraction are Roman Catholic and a few are Protestant and Hindu etc most people are part of the Javanese ethnic group . They do have a few issues right now which includes improving education, preventing tourism and consolidating the democracy after four decades there are many more issues although.In 2005 Indonesia had reached a peace agreement with separatists in Aceh.

Slogan ''Indonesia the islands of surprising delightful wildlife''

Geography and Climate

Indonesia is an archipelago [with more than 17,508 islands]in southern eastern Asia in between the two oceans the Indian and Pacific Ocean.The coordinates are 5 00 south,120 00 east. Comparatively it is almost 3 times the size of Texas and ranks 15th in the world in terms of size.The total area of Indonesia is a stunning 1,904,569 square kilometers! The amount of land is 1,811,569 square kilometers the amount of water is 93,000 square kilometers. The countries that border Indonesia are Timor Leste,Malaysia,and Papua New Guinea the total amount of land border is 2,830 kilometers. Climate includes tropical hot and humid most in the highlands. There are also a few environmental issues in Indonesia which include deforestation and air pollution etc. Some hazards include ocean flooding, forest fires and earthquakes but Indonesia is still a great country to live in!

People and Culture

Indonesia is a Muslim country of course there are other religions like Protestant,Roman Catholic,and Hindu they have many more religions but they are not specified. They speak a lot of different langues like Bahasa Indonesians, English, and Dutch,Local Dialects include Javanese.Major Ethnic groups include.Javanese,Sundanese,Madurese,Minangkabau,Betawi, Bugis,Banten,Banjar, and other unspecified ethnic groups.


The culture in Indonesia was mainly influenced by China that gave them noodles and soy beans and Most of Europe which gave them peanuts, and lots of ways to prepare seafood, even India gave them something spices.Indonesian eat various types of food all most all are influenced from surrounding countries.

For the most part Indonesia wears western style clothing.Some traditional clothes for Men and boys wear sarongs at home or to Mosques which usually have a checkered pattern,but in public they wear batik shirts with trousers or teluk beskap a combination of Javanese Jacket and sargog. Women and Girls wear a embroidered blouse called a kebaya with a batik sarong there hair is usually in a bun or pony tail but otherwise covered with a selendang which is used to cover your head or to hold a baby.Other clothing varies on wear you are in Indonesia!

Country Timeline

1-1670-1900 The Dutch colonists bring the all of Indonesia under one government as the Dutch of East Indies.

2-1949 - The Dutch give Indonesia independence after four whole years of guerrilla warfare.

3-2012 In early June in Jakarta court sentences bombmaker Umar Patek to 20 years in prison for his role in the 2002 Bali attacks. He was extradited from Pakistan in 2011. The sentencing brings to an end of the 10-year investigation into the bombings.

4-2006 In December the First direct elections held in the Aceh province, consolidating the August 2005 peace accord. Former separatist rebel leader Irwandi Yusuf elected governor.

5-2013 September by its ambassador in Jakarta, the Netherlands publicly apologises for executions carried out by the Dutch military in the 1940s.

6-2006 July A tsunami, created by a large undersea earthquake, kills more than 500 people on Java.

7-2003 August through October Three Bali bombing suspects are found guilty and sentenced to death for their roles in the 2002 attacks. The 4th gets life in prison

8-1975 - Portugal gives East Timor independence!

9-2010 March Police officers were shoot dead Dulmatin an alleged leading member of JI and the last main suspects in the 2002 Bali bombings still at large during a raid on a Jakarta internet cafe point.

10-2010 Mid October Indonesia admits that the men seen torturing Papuan villagers in a video are members of the their military.

Government and Citizenship

Indonesia is a republic. Indonesia won its independence in August 17th 1945 which is there only true national holiday.The constitution was made July through August 1945 but was only effective on August 17th 1945.Suffrage is till the age 17 then you may vote and get married.Indonesia might not have the best education but students learn the basics of everyday life.Indonesia does have Equal rights between citizens.

The chief of the executive branch is President Susilo Bambang YUDHOYONO.

The Judicial Branch which consist of different parts like the highest court is the Supreme Court or Mahkamah Agung (51 judges divided into 8 chambers)and the Constitutional Court (has 9 judges) the judge selection and term of office the Supreme Court judges nominated by Judicial Commission, appointed by president with concurrence of parliament; judges who usually serve until they retire Constitutional Court judges {3 nominated by president, 3 by Supreme Court, and 3 by parliament] the judges appointed by the president the judges serve until mandatory retirement at age 70 years. The subordinate courts the High Courts of Appeal, district courts, and the, religious courts.


Indonesia is a mixed economy.It even has its own private firms and state owned enterprises.Two-fifths of Indonesia's population work in agriculture and or fishing,but diverted manufacturing has become a ministry of economy.As for manufacturing Indonesia manufacts cement,cigars,clothing/textiles,motorized vehicles,paper products, prossesed rubber products,plywood, and other wood based products.Most of the manufacturing places are in the capital which is Jakarta and or Subaya which is leading the centers!Two-fiths of the economy are farming which include coco,coffee,copra,dried coconut meat,palm oil,rubber,sugar,tea,and tabaco which they export and they are number one in all of these products!Rice is the chef food crop which is mainly grown on small farms they also grow banana and cassava corn,fruit,peanuts,soybeans,and sweet potatoes,a major cash crop is rubber.They raise cattle,goats,hogs poultry,sheep,and water buffalo. Indonesia is a important producer of oil and natural gas,Indonesia is also one of the largest exporters of natural gas!Most of the petroleum comes from East Kalimantan and Sumatra.Indonesia is also leading in mining copper,nickel,and tin.These materials come from the many islands in Indonesia.They also produce aluminum,bauxite,coal,gold,and silver.Since Indonesia is surrounded by water they fish like sardines,tuna,scad,and other fish.Which provide most of the diet in Indonesia. The country also has lots of forests and wild life! Much of the forested area is used for commercial purposes. Indonesia's chief forest products include plywood, teak, and timber. Other products include bamboo, mangrove bark, it's used to make dyes, and cinchona bark, used to make the malaria drug quinine. As for energy oil,natural gas,coal produce most of the electricity but hydroelectric and geothermal makes up the other fraction.Indonesia is a country that exports more than it imports,but as said above Indonesia is in the lead in natural gas.Oil makes up twenty percent of the total earnings in this country!Wood comes in second including clothing, coffee, electronics, palm oil, rubber, textiles, and tobacco. Major imports include chemicals, crude oil, food products, iron and steel, machinery, and transportation and even electrical equipment.Japan is a major trading partner with Indonesia but they have others like Australia,China,Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,South Korea,and even the U.S ,it is also part of the World Trade Organization!To travel they use boats railways and docks there are many ways to travel in Indonesia!

Company List #1

The Ventura Fish Company is a family owned fishing company that is sustainable it also deliveries the fish cooked to your door! I think would be great for Indonesia because most of the profit in Indonesia relies on fisher men and fish go's into most of the people by the Oceans diets! It also would bring in customers and fishers to eat and fish in this company! It would also benefit the United States, most likely it will be a hit and the family owned company will start opening in more places and the more money they get from Indonesia the more money they will use on opening here in the US!

Company #2

Cargill is a Industrial Producer.Producing food and clothing and other products.It would be great for Indonesia since two-fifths of their money comes from food and agriculture.It would help with jobs and food production! It would also benefit Cargill, it right now has 65 countries, and Indonesia is a large country with many people it would do great there so if they do use Indonesia it will be their 66th country and they will get more money Indonesia being a big country will have more than one there spreading the word and money!

Company #3

Blair a rubber production company. It would be perfect for Indonesia having a lot of manufacturing in Rubber products, it would increase production there and the companies would multiply bringing money to both Indonesia and Blair.Blair a growing company that has been around for 30 years it would get more money to open in other countries in Asia like China!Blair already has many investors all around the world like North America,Middle East, and South America!It would be perfect for Indonesia!

Company #4

Think Coffee would be a great company for Indonesia it is a Coffee company and as it says in the Economy coffee is great for profit!Since Indonesia has already four Starbucks stores and companies in the capital Jakarta alone,Think Coffee would be another great coffee company to invest in! It would bring a lot more money in because the demand for coffee is so high.It would also raise awareness for Think Coffee and the company will start opening in more places in Asia ,if all works out in Indonesia .Mainly because Indonesia is such a large country with many people,and they trade with many countries!

Company #5

Industrial Timber and Lumber would be a perfect company for Indonesia! Indonesia makes lots of money from there wood,this company would also benefit with more money and businesses will open in other places by all the publicity it gets in Indonesia!Right now the new company has only opened in the USA.But opening in Indonesia would definitely boost them to other parts of the world.Indonesia of course benefits with money.This would be a great company for Indonesia!