What to see?

Lots of things to see...

"El Lavajo de la Lavandera", "El Torreón" with the gazer, The Church of "Santiago Ápostol"...

Firstly, "El Lavajo de la Lavandera" the route that joins Carpio to "El Lavajo de la Lavandera" makes the most wonderful mix into the natural and historical things. Surrounded mostly the 100% of it by animals from the area is like the beutiful birds know that is a cataloged ,protected, clean wetland.

On the other hand, if you like history you can visit the "Torreón" or the Church of the village that the both places are full of history. And also in the "Lavajo de la Lavandera" you can know about history because the King of Castile encamped there when he was going to León to sing a treaty of peace related also to this unique, special wetland.

If you want to know about the history of "El Torreón" and the Church of "El Santiago Ápostol" you have to come to El Carpio and visit us...For giving you a clue this two monuments were distroyed by the french military troops.

In this photo you can see...(from the right)

The remains of the "torreón" from what the glazer has been done
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In this picture you can see...

The "Lavajo de la Lavandera"