The Economy of the Internet

By: Noelle Kennedy

Help the Company, Annoy the user

You can get them from merely just scrolling, pop up ads. No one likes them, but these ads, help the company as much as they annoy the user. For companies that rely heavily on random, unexpected ads, a feature like an ad blocker pose as a real threat.

Ads and their Companies

Large corporations like the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post - although it isn't for sure how badly - suffer from ad blocking. On the Awl's webpages, 85% of revenue they receive is block-able. If people block ads on Google, Google wont get the revenue. The revenue will go to other corporations like Facebook who still shows the ads.

One report says that ad blocking has grown globally by 41%, in the USA by 48%

Left to Wonder

But is a an acceptable ad an ad that has the skills to pay the bills? To some people, "acceptable" can mean "not annoying", but on the flip side, "not annoying" can mean easy to ignore. And when people ignore, the ads are not working.