Land For Sale


100 acres in Cape Charles

Have you every wanted to live near the water. Well, its your lucky day there is 100 acres for sale with a house in Cape Charles Va. on the eastern shore. You can get it for only $450,000. There are some trees but it is only about a mile from Chesapeake Bay. At the moment there is some forested area and a big neighborhood but they are really nice houses.
I'm going to cut down some of the trees and build an other neighborhood. I would build some store and make the city of Cape Charles bigger. Something else I might do is build amusement park.

History of the property

This city was founded in 1886 it was built as a railroad town and for the ferry industry and also for agriculture.There are some trees but most of it is part a neighborhood there is a there is a resort ton the property called Bay Creek Resort and Club. There is a lake in the middle of the property.
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Picture of property

Longitude Latitude

Longitude 37*15'43.18"N

Latitude 76*00'19.38"W

Caring for property

Take care of the land and the water and be cautious of what you do. There is no littering on the property and if you use fertilizers or any other chemical on your yard makes sure its safe for the environment. Do not dump anything into the water that can cause damage to the environment.