Jan. 25~Jan. 29, 2016

Coker Cubs Weekly News

Coker Mission--Every Child, Every Day

We support and foster a positive community of successful, life-long learners and leaders by meeting the needs of every individual while challenging each one to reach full potential.

Vending Machines

Revenue from vending machines situated in all areas of the school shall be controlled by the school principal and processed through the SAF/CAF System. Schools are to contract with a firm whereby the vendor agrees to service the vending machines and collect the money. The school then receives a periodic commission check from the vendor.

Commission received is campus revenue and is placed into a 900 Campus

Activity Fund account.

As required by House Bill 52, NEISD has adopted a policy governing the expenditure of local funds from vending machines that require local funds to be related to educational purpose and provide a commensurate benefit to students.

Copy Machines

Teachers, staff, and volunteers are asked to yield to teachers who are copying during their planning periods. If you must make copies outside of your planning period, you may need to adjust time either before or after school or try another copy location on campus.


With these seasonal changes, we are all likely to become ill at some point throughout the year. If you are sick, please enter your absence into SmartFind as soon as possible. The SmartFind system only calls out during certain hours. Please take time to call substitutes as well. Everyone was given two laminated, pink sheets for ease of access to substitute information earlier this year. The success of the campus depends on staff members.

Grade Level Team Photos

Wear this year's Coker spirit shirt to be photographed as a GL team on Friday, January 29th. Photos will be taken at the beginning of your planning period.

Tax Preparation

Gary Barr from H&R Block will be here on Tuesday, February 2nd. Staff members are welcome to "drop-off" tax info with him to complete. He will be set up in the teacher workroom from 10:30-12:30.

A note from Gary Barr: As part of our services to NEISD we will provide fee discounts for in-office retail tax preparation services, for online tax preparation services, or for H&R Block software purchases. We will also donate $20 per new HRB client who completes a return with us to the NEISD Education Fund.

Monday - 1/25

Wear your Spurs gear with jeans!

4th Grade Math Benchmark

General and Special Ed IA Meeting

Civil War Drummer Boy - 5th Grade

Robotics Club

Choir Rehearsal

Cheer Class

Tuesday - 1/26

4th Grade Writing Benchmark

5th Grade Math Benchmark

Coker CIA Rehearsal

Bookkeepers Meeting - Regina at CLC (AM)

Principal Cluster Meeting - Gill at Oak Meadow (AM)

Beary Good Habits Lunch - Kinder & 3rd Grade

Strings Practice

Art Class

K-2 Task Force

Willie's Night

Middle School Course Fair @ Bradley

Wednesday - 1/27

Leader in Me Symposium


3rd Grade Math Benchmark

5th Grade Reading Benchmark

Coker Chorale Practice

Beary Good Habits Lunch - 1st & 2nd Grade

Bricks 4 Kids Class

Faculty Meeting

Thursday - 1/28

Leader in Me Symposium

College Spirit Day!


3rd Grade Reading Benchmark

4th Grade Reading Benchmark

Coker CIA Rehearsal

Beary Good Habits Lunch - 4th & 5th Grade

STAAR Training - Harris off campus (AM)

Jewelry Sales - Teacher workroom

Strings Practice

Dance Class

Golf Class

Sped Meeting

K-2 Task Force

Friday - 1/29 (C day)

Grade Level Team Photos

Leadership Team Meeting

PLC - 4th Grade

Chess Class

Sharpen the Saw

"Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced." ~John Keats

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