Dissociative Identity Disorder

Or Multiple Personality Disorder

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder (also referred to as DID or MPD as an abbreviation) is a mental illness where two or more distinctive alternate personas are present and take control of an individual. Only one percent of people in the world have DID.

How is MPD caused?

A devastating yet most common cause of MPD is childhood trauma or abuse. War, disaster, death or physical or sexual abuse or tragedy, especially at a young age can lead to the victim separating their memories or thoughts and feelings associated with that trauma separate from their normal levels of conciousness and awareness, creating alternate personalities. Despite these usually affecting children, DID can effect all people of all ages, gender and race.

Why is DID a concern in Australia?

People who suffer from MPD are more likely to have suicidal thoughts and tendancies, self-harm, alcoholism and drug abuse, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, severe headaches and personality disorders.

How can you prevent DID?

There are many ways to prevent DID or MPD as only %1 of people in the world have been diagnosed with DID. Some helpful ways to prevent DID are:

- Speak with a counsellor or psychologist if you suffer from trauma or PTSD to prevent creating alternate personas.

-If you are being physically, verbally or sexually abused to find help by calling the police or a trusted friend or family member to escape from issue as soon as possible.

- Surround yourself with protective friends and family and tell them whenever you are struggling.

- Keep yourself mentally stimulated and create a plan for whenever you remember your trauma, are being abused or under a lot of pressure.

Facts About DID or MPD

-Only 1% of people in the world have been diagnosed with MPD or DID

-It is quite controversial as some people believe DID is a factitious disorder or is another disorder entirely

- There are many disorders linked to DID or are caused by DID

- Treatment of DID often requires many years and different treatments and remedies.

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