grass land biome

by:mackenzie parsons

what is a biome?

a biome is a land area such as a country or state is catagorized by plants and animals that live there.A biome is defined by the interactons with the plants,animals,climates,rock formations,soil types,water resources and laditude (position north or south on the globe).

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what animals live in the grass land biome?

Grasslands around the world are home to unique species of animals who have adapted themselves to the conditions in this biome. Hundreds of species of animals,in all shapes and sizes, are found in this biome.we have small insects and reptiles two of these are the Tiger beetle and the Leopard gecko.we also have large animals like the hippo and rhinoceros and the African elephant which are known for their amazing size and power.we also have predators such as the cheetah, and includes animals like coyotes, Prairie dogs, jackals, hyena as well as species like the bobcat and wolves which come from inside the forested areas.
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what type of plants live in the grass land biome?

some of the prairie species for North America are Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, Blazing Stars, Butterflyweed, Coneflowers, Sunflowers and so on.
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whats the climate like?

The climate in the grassland is warm and dry which is pretty temperate. In a grassland biome, between 25 and 75 cm of rainfall yearly. The grassland has a very continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. There is more rain in the summer time then there is in the winter.