"Let Us" Eat Lettuce

Morgan, Ainsley, Faith, and Ashley


Plant the seeds in groups of 4 every 8” to 10”. The row spacing should be 6” and the seed depth should be ⅛”.

How long does it take?

  • Planting Times: Early Spring
  • Germination: 5-10 days
  • Harvest: 68 days

Lettuce: Ready to Harvest

Our Lettuce

Planted on: Thursday, March 19, 2015

Should Germinate: 24-29 of March

Should be Ready to Harvest: May 16, 2015

Fun Facts

-romaine is a french name

-oldest type of lettuce

-member of the sunflower family

-the darker the leaf color, the more nutritious it is

-On average, Americans eat 30 pounds of lettuce every year

-Most lettuce sold in the US is grown in California

Things you can include lettuce in:


-Lettuce Wraps






Lettuce originated in the Mediterranean area and was first grown as a weed. It’s over 6,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptian artwork, especially tomb paintings, depicts different varieties of lettuce. Ancient Greeks and Romans also cultivated lettuce of lettuce made.