MRE Update

March 25, 2018

MCAS Dates

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Dates to Remember

Mar 27 - MRE presents at School Committee Meeting. Meeting starts @ 6PM

Mar 27 - Yankee Candle Fundraiser closes

Mar 29 - PTO Enrichment Event: 3rd Grade students Meet Mary Rowlandson

Mar 30 - PTO Auction

Apr 1 - PTO Enrichment Event: Grades PK - 2, Henry & Mudge

Apr 5 - Early Release, 12:15 PM - Lunch will be served including all half day K class

Apr 5 - Spirit Day - Theme: April showers bring May flowers!

*****We will do a Rainbow Day and hope to take a whole school picture*****
*****Each grade will wear a specific color on this day.*****

5th grade: Red

4th: Orange

3rd: Yellow

2nd: Green

1st: Blue

PK & K: Purple

Apr 12 - Show your support for Autism Awareness and wear blue today!

Apr 15 - Apr19 - School Closed for April Vacation

April Lunch Menu

Nurses Corner

Just a reminder...

Guidelines for when your child should stay home?

  • If your child has had a fever over 100 degrees within the past 24 hours

  • If your child vomited or has had diarrhea within the past 24 hours

  • If your child has red/pink eyes (conjunctivitis) with drainage

  • If your child is unable to participate fully in school activities because of illness

  • If your child has strep throat or other bacterial infection, he or she may return to school after receiving a full 24 hours of antibiotic treatment

  • If your child has a contagious condition or rash that has not been diagnosed by a healthcare provider

  • If your child has chicken pox, he or she must stay home until the lesions have scabbed over, usually 5 to 10 days

Dress for the weather

Please talk with your child daily about what is appropriate to wear to school. Take into consideration that the predicted temperature is not assured and that the wind chill often drops that temperature by five to ten degrees. It does get particularly windy on the playground with very little to break the wind coming across the fields. With a 10 mph wind, a 45 degree day quickly becomes 33 degrees just above freezing. Many students want to wear shorts to express their independence and individuality. Please have thoughtful conversations with them each morning about what the wear. If the temperature is near 45 degrees and windy, let your child know that they may be asked to wear pants and a warm jacket out to recess. Decisions to keep the students inside for recess are made by Administration and the School Nurse using the “cold weather/wind chill chart” on a local web site.
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Sale ends 3/27 Group Number: 99688482 Group Name: MARY ROWLANDSON ELEM

Important Dismissal Reminders

In order for the afternoon dismissal to be safe and efficient, we ask all parents/guardians to adhere to the following procedures. All students not going on the bus should be picked up in the car pick-up line.

Safety is our primary concern. We must be able to account for each child and where he/she is going every single day. With 500 students exiting the building at dismissal, it is difficult to account for all students if many adults are walking up to the building and taking their children from dismissal areas.

Parents/guardians need to inform their children’s teachers if their child is not taking the bus. Any changes to dismissal need to be communicated to the MRE office before 2:30. Changes to dismissal cannot be made after 2:30. This ensures there is enough time to contact the teacher and notify the students of the change.

On a typical day, dismissal begins at 3:05 PM (12:15 PM on early release days). At this time all students will exit the building either to the car pick-up line or to the buses.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in following these procedures in order to maintain a safe and efficient dismissal for our students each and every day.

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