Life as an Indentured Servant


Indentured Servant

An Indentured Servant is cheap labor help that normally works form 4 to 7 years. They wanted freedom, food, money, a new home, and land and being an indentured servant gave them all these things if they served their said time and followed all the rules.

indentured Servants got punished when they did not follow rules or helped others disrespect the rules. The punishment depended on what was done and by whom. Many Indentured servants died from diseases and malnutrition, many also tried to escape and go back to their old lives. It was fairly easy to escape because they looked and dressed the same as everyone else so they blended in perfectly.

Desired Location

Needed a well functioning market, employment conditions and balance of supply and demand and also needed well watered land with rivers. They also preferred to have religious freedom to practice what they believed in. There weren't many indentured who didn't stay close to other Indentured servants so where there was one there was probably a couple more of them living and serving there.


Being a Quaker required you to meditate when God told you to do so and to follow what God has told you to do, so being a Quaker and an Indentured Servant required you to have religious freedom to practice your beliefs. Quakers also believe in equality peace truth and accepting everyone.