The Tiger

  • A Tiger are the biggest cat in the cat family.Tigers are very good at camouflaging because their fur is very good for sneaking to their prey.
  • Why are tigers endangered?

    Tigers are endangered because people are cutting down trees,killing them for their fur and they are using the fur for rugs.That is not fair for the tigers but people think that is good but it is bad.


    Tigers eat mammals,deer,antelelope and buffalo. Tigers sneak up to their prey then they run fast to attack them. Tigers also like to eat some fish.

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    Tigers live in india, Vietnam, forests and jungles. Also they live in parts of Asia and they like to live in the snow so people can't find them and they mite think they only live in forests.

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    Tigers have stripes for camouflage in big grass,orange grass and tall grass.Tigers live in forests so people can't find them and tigers are not that hard to kill.Tigers are the biggest cat in the cat family.Some big cat hunt in trees.All tigers are endangered and 50 years ago there was eight tigers left in the wild.Now tigers had babies now there are lot of tigers in the wild.Not long ago there was 200 tigers left that was so sad for the tigers.

    Tiger Cubs

    Babies tigers breed when there are three years old. When a tiger is about 3 or 4 years old the mother let them go. All tigers have a set season for reproduction to take place.

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    Tiger move with four legs.Tiger balance on there tail if they don't have a tail they will keep on falling.Tigers like to live with a group so the cubs won't get hurt.

    How can you save a tiger?

    If you want to save a tiger don't kill it save it them bring it to a zoo.After you bring it to the zoo then go to people and say don't kill tiger for there fur so there can be lots of tigers left in the wild.

    There are also some charities that raise money to help save tigers.

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