Changing Tires

Steffi Martinez and Adelynn Maynes

Factory Tire Information

Width: 215 mm

Aspect Ratio: 60%

Height: 5.07 in

Diameter: 26.14 in

Circumference: 82.07 in

Replacement Tire Information

Width: 215mm

Aspect Ratio:60%




Factory Miles Per Gallon

The miles per gallon are 26.

26 is the average of the miles from mileage on the highway and the miles in the city

"K" Ratio



1. If the odometer is reading 50,000 miles, you have traveled 49,500

2. If your speedometer reading is 70, your speed is 69.3

3. If your mile per gallon with factory tires is 26, what is your mile per gallon with the new tires? 77.74

Ford Fusion 2014