Around the Pound

Edition 5

It's Second Semester! Kids Need Supplies!

Well, the second semester has gotten off to a bumpy start! We've already had snow days! Some students could use a restock on school supplies. They will forget to tell you, so please ask them if they need paper, pencils, highlighters, etc.

Classroom teachers could also use some restocking too! Cleaning 20+ desks weekly with Clorox wipes has left our supplies low or almost gone. If you could please pick up a large container of Clorox wipes, and send it in with your child.

Valentine's Snack

Once again, we will have a grade level snack, not a party for Valentine's Day. Since Valentine's occurs next Sunday (2/14/16), we will have the snack on Friday (2/12/16). All we need are boxes of Little Debbie cakes, any variety is fine. We still have leftover juice boxes and drinks from our Christmas party so that part of "snack" is covered. Please send in by Wednesday (2/10/16).

Field Trip

Our next field trip will be to the Greensboro Science Center. It is planned for Wednesday, March 23rd. The cost of the field trip for students will be $25.00. This fee includes transportation and admission to the science center, as well as admission to the OmniSphere, aquarium, museum, and special exhibit "Bodies Revealed." Fifth grade is currently studying Human Body systems in science so we believe Bodies Revealed will be a wonderful extension of classroom learning! SKYWILD will NOT be available!

Parent chaperones are welcome to attend! Be advised, adult seating to the OmniSphere will be limited as students will take up most of the available space. If you are not able to get a seat, you will be able to explore the Science Center, snack bar, or gift shop on your own for approximately 45 minutes!

Information is coming home soon!

Multiplication Tournament

Student will be participating in a 3-5 multiplication tournament February 16th! How well will your child do? Help them out by reviewing multiplication facts! The student's first response is the only one accepted so they must answer quickly and accurately!