Vacations! A Brochure of the Earth

Written By: Sophia Campau


Mount St. Helens is a wonderful place to visit! Mount St. Helens is a volcano, and has erupted, causing damage in a certain radius. However, people have commonly settled there now because animals and plants that survived have thrived because of less competition. As for packing, there are a few items that you may want to make sure you have. Make sure to pack some sturdy hiking boots, and 2-3 liters of water. It would also be handy to have some high energy food, and a pocketknife, along with a flashlight. For clothing, have a range of temperature clothing to layer. Be prepared for any kind of weather, so pack some sunscreen and rain or wind gear.

However, be sure to look out for signs that the volcano may erupt again, such as large earthquakes or large heat changes.

If you enjoy this trip, you may want to visit these places: Stromboli, Italy- Kilauea, Hawaii- Etna, Sicily- Soufriere Hills, Montserrat- Ruapehu, New Zealand- Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland- Bromo, Indonesia


The Grand Canyon would also be a good choice. The Grand Canyon was once used for mining copper, and eventually uranium, but now is mainly used by humans as an attraction. There is a river in the canyon, and although the water could erode away some of the canyon and cause problems, it is highly unlikely because of how low the river is in comparison to others like it. Make sure you pack some important things, such as bandages and hiking boots. You also may want a spray bottle to keep yourself cool, along with some clothing suited for warm and chilly temperatures, lots of water and salty food (to balance out hydration), and some hiking boots, a pair of sunglasses, and a broad hat.

While you're there, make sure to stop by Cameron's Trading Post around lunch to try one of their specialty 'Navajo Tacos'!

Some other places like this: Tara River Canyon- Monenegro, Blyde River Canyon- South Africa, Copper Canyon- Mexico, Cotahuasi Canyon- Puru, Colca Canyon- Puru


Another amazing place to go would be the Himalayas. There are many people settled in the area, most likely because of the large amount of rivers around the mountains. However, the fast-changing climate in the area can freeze the river and cause water flow problems. Don't forget to pack a small water filter, and some hand sanitizer to keep yourself healthy. It would also be a good idea to take some extra clothes, some regular shoes, high energy snacks, and a headlamp.

The best time to go to the Himalayans would be sometime from June to September, because of average temperatures during that time. Also be sure to travel from village to village using the local NGO Echosphere!

Also be sure to visit these places: Rocky Mountains, Alps, Andes, Karakoram


Finally, if you're looking for something as a good family trip, Lake Michigan is the place to go. Lake Michigan is used as a water, food, and power source, and is used for transport, as well as recreation, like swimming or boating. Sadly, the lake is very prone to pollution, so it can cause problems for people that drink the water. If you intend on going, you'll need a few things. You'll need some extra food, clothes, and water, along with some sun gear and soft-soled shoes. I would also recommend a camera, and if it's a family trip, bring some patience along too.

If you want to hit some other attractions in the area, it could be a good idea to head over to Discovery World, and you could even use the beach shuttle to get there!

If you need even more vacation ideas, try these: Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Superior

Ways You Can Regionalize the Earth

If you ever find a time where you need to separate up the world (maybe to start a road trip!), you can do so, and I'll give you 3 ways to split the world up.

- Climate (the different temperatures help us separate parts of the earth)

- Hemispheres (these are the north, south, east, and west sections of the earth that cuts it into quarters)

- Culture (this is people's beliefs, history, art, and sometimes language that helps us tell where different people grew up/live/lived)


Mount St. Helens Obstacles & Oppertunities:

Packing List:


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Grand Canyon Obstacles and Opportunities:,d.aWw

Packing List:


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Himalayas Obstacles & Opportunities:

Packing List:


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Lake Michigan Obstacles & Opportunities:

Packing List:


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