Rocky Mountain Cuisine

The Rocky Mountains By: Alli Beix and Ciara Olson

Rocky Mountain Region

The states in the rocky mountains are Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. The average elevation of all the states combined is 5,617 feet. The average population is 2,271,788. All of the tourist attractions include state parks, skiing mountains,mountain biking, caves, hunting, fishing, ext.

what are Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Rocky Mountain Oysters are a type pf food that actually consists of the testicles of bulls or sheep.

Denver Restaurants

the number One restaurant in Denver is Fruition, it has a total of four and a half stars out of five.

the second best Restaurant in Denver is Root down, which also has four and a half stars

Colorado Cuisines

Colorado Cuisine finds inspiration from a mix of Midwestern flavors, southwestern and "tex mex" influences and a hearty cowboy diet.

Wild Game

The rocky mountain has many animals you can hunt. Which includes moose, pronghorn antelope, bison, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, mountain goats, caribou, and bighorn sheep.

History behind Rocky Mountain Cuisine

All the same, throughout the Rocky Mountain West, a simple, direct, and distinctly regional cuisine makes its mark. While game like eld, antelope, caribou, pheasant, duck, or quail may be available wild at a hunters' camp, restaurants in the region usually depend on farm-raised game.