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Pale blue dot

In the pale blue dot video it start in as introduction of human kind and our place in the universe it start as a calm remember as a what is happening currently, repent sent our best side of humanity and to our very worst and also put in in some pop culture reference to get the ball moving to show that no matter how we talk the talk we all not all that in the grand scale in the universe and we should help ourselves and other to be part of our society and finally have world peace (witch we should as well do to be able to survive) and leave behind a mark to the world because it all we got out in universe. If I were to leave my mark in this world I would want it be memoir so other could desire to be more to worlds and make a different but I could first to be famous and rich so to prove the world that I am more efficacy as an individual than anybody else so all well be know the name nick.