Prussia - Age Of Absolutism

By: Jacob, Lindsey, Trey

Brief History

  • Was made a major European power by Frederick William I and II during the eighteenth century

  • Prussia kept their people and workers loyal
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  • Albert Frederick, 1701-1712

  • Frederick William l, 1712-1740

  • Frederick William ll (Frederick the Great), 1712–1786

  • Frederick William III 1770 - 1840

  • Frederick William lV, 1840–1861

Fredrick William I

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Frederick William II (Frederick the Great)

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Major Accomplishments

  • Frederick William I - created a standing army and they had permanent taxation so they could pay for the armies; Maintained a good government.

  • Frederick William II (Frederick the Great) - He expanded the Prussian army by selecting nobility into the civil service. The military became very powerful because of him. He was one of the most educated of his time.
  • Prussia was the largest and most important German State

Lasting Legacy

-Frederick William l doubled the army’s size

-Had the Fourth largest army after France, Russia and Austria

-One of the best armies in Europe

- Abolished the use of torture except in treason and murder cases

-Granted limited freedom of speech and press and greater religious toleration

Key facts/people and description of events/wars


Hohenzollern dynasty

Conrad of Mazovia

Key Facts:

Prussian Empire replaced German Empire

The William Fredrick's were the reason Prussia became powerful

Prussia kept their people and workers loyal

Major Wars:

Seven Years' War (1756 - 1763)

War of the Bavarian Succession (1778 -1779)

Supporters/Religion of empire or monarchs

  • Protestant, Lutheranism

  • The Nobles

  • Council members

Changes during the period

  • Taxation
  • Got divided
  • Became an important German state

New Ideas originated from the empire

  • Taxation
  • Keeping the military powerful and taking money from the people to maintain its strength

Essential Questions

What problems might Prussia have encountered in governing its territories?

Problems that Prussia might have encountered in governing its territories would be keeping away invaders who want territory. These invaders would either be another country or a tribe/tribes.

What were some specific ways Frederick William used to maintain his power?

A way Frederick William maintained his power was by collecting taxes from his people to build his army and make it bigger.


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