End of Semester News

GaVS Latin

Get your grade up!

Finish any assignments on the calendar from 11/11 through 11/22 as soon as possible. You do NOT have to work over Thanksgiving Break (yay!) ... But you should plan to prepare for your Final Exam!

Review Sessions

AP Latin - Monday, Dec 2, 8pm

Latin II - Tuesday, Dec 3, 7pm

Latin I - Tuesday, Dec 3, 8pm

Check out the News for some great Review Stuff!

What can I do for extra credit?

Due to GaVS policy, extra credit can only be 10% of assignment worth, so everything is 10 points...but lots of 10s can add up... check the news for extra credit!

Email me or Call and leave a message - 678 883 0528 - if you have any questions or concerns about this semester, or you would like to know your options for next semester!