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August 25, 2017 Issue 3

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

August 21

Jayden Butler

Brittany Banister

August 24

Marley Fleenor

August 26

Jace Roberts

August 27

Scotty Smith

August 29

Travis Miles

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Coming Soon...

September 7- Grandparents Day

September 11-15- Book Fair

September 25-29- College GO Week!

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August Students of the Month

Great job! These students were chosen for being Ready and Willing to Learn every day!

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These amazing ladies take care of us each and every day! Thank you Mrs. Kiefer, Mrs. Helton and Mrs. Johnson!

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Our first Box Tops contest of the year goes along with the school baseball theme. "Let's all PITCH in Box Tops!" The contest will run until Friday, October 6. The class with the most box Tops will win a pizza party.

Tentative Vienna-Finley Calendar

Please note that these are only anticipated dates and are subject to change.
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Updated School Calendar 2017-2018

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The YMCA is cancelled during early dismissal days. More information will be coming from the YMCA.

How can you access this newsletter?

Our weekly newsletter is in a friendly format that can open on smart phones, computers, tablets or any internet enabled device easily without the need to download photos. We have them posted to our Pinterest page, our Facebook, and Twitter pages, and our Parents and Students Canvas page every Friday afternoon. Don't miss out, because they are always jam-packed with pictures and upcoming events, as well as important information. You won't miss a thing if you are connected to the Vienna--Finley Voice each week!

Popcorn Fridays!

Our Popcorn Fridays begin this Friday! If you would like your child to receive popcorn, please send in a $1 before 9:00, so we can begin popping and distributing the bags.

The funds generated are donated to a different local agency each month.

Welcome to Vienna-Finley!

Vienna-Finley (So Happy Together 2017) Video
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Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

Dear Vienna-Finley Families,

The start of the year is hectic. One helpful reminder is that breakfast is served from 7:30-8:00 AM. Students need to arrive with enough time before 8:00 AM to finish eating, so they are not late to class.

Drop-off/pick-up lines can be time consuming. To help quicken the lines, we've found a few suggestions that really help the process move more smoothly. We are asking for your help us with this as we set up a successful new year.

Drop-Off: Students can be dropped off from 7:30-8:00 AM. Please pull all the way forward to the first available designated areas. We don't want children walking in the grass, because it's sometimes slippery and we can't supervise them as closely. Once you pull into the drop-off/pick-up numbered area, we would like the students to exit the car independantly. We will have staff there to assist them. There are red and green lines on the sidewalk. We ask the students to walk on the green lines, as they in a safer area and away from traffic. As you pull around the building, please have your student(s) have their backpack/lunch box and belongings ready, unbuckle (please help them learn how to do this independantly, if they can't already), and give goodbye hugs/kisses prior to pulling into your numbered drop-off area. This will help speed the line tremendously for everyone.

Pick-Up: During the pick-up process, everything operates basically the same only in reverse. Please remain in the three lanes once they are available as that helps get traffic off of the highway. Please pull all the way forward to the end of the three lane lines. Once Mrs. Barrett signals you forward from there, you will go into a single lane again. Pull all the way forward to the marked pick-up areas. Again, please encourage students to get into the car independantly so that you can move forward. If you need to assist in buckling your student, please pull forward around the corner so that other students can be placed in their cars.

Thank you so much for assisting with making these smooth transitions.

Students of the Month!

Each month one student from every grade level will be chosen by Mrs. Barrett to have his/her picture put up on the bulletin board and in the newsletter. At Vienna-Finley, we are placing a focus on positive role models, so Mrs. Barrett will be watching for students who exhibit our Positive Behaviors of Patience, Kindness, Responsibility, Willingness to Learn, and being Safe and In Control. Watch for these each month in our newsletter and on the bulletin board when you visit VFES.

Breakfast of Champions

Our amazing cafeteria staff prepares a delicious breakfast for our students every morning. Breakfast is available from 7:30-8:00 each morning. If your child plans to eat, please try to have him/her at school before 7:55, so they have ample time to eat without being late to class.

Make The Most of Your Messages

Please set up your voicemail if you haven't already. It can be overlooked, but makes it difficult for us to reach you. When staff needs to contact you about your child, often they are unable to leave a message if your voicemail isn't set up. In the case of an emergency, we may need to get in touch with you.

Stranger Danger

We've all heard it..."Stranger Danger," but can the safety and security of our school be at risk if we don't make sure that we all help? We realize that the safety of our students is our top priority. All visitors need to go through the office, no matter the time of day. If you notice someone picking a child up, please direct them to the office and do not invite them into our school through alternate doors. The safety of our students is important and we appreciate your help.

Picture This...

We take many pictures at Vienna-Finley. We use those pictures to celebrate all of the amazing experiences your child is having at school. We will promote these activities on the school website, on the schools' Facebook page, in the Giveaway, Good News Chronicle and the Vienna- Finley Voice Newsletter. If you do NOT want your child's photos included in these promotions, you must provide your request in writing to Mrs. Barrett as soon as possible.

Let's Get Connected!

We like to send home communication, newsletters and reminders often via email. Please call the office and have Mrs. Graves add your email address to your Harmony Family Access account if you haven't already. If you do not have an email address and would like help setting one up, we would be more than happy to assist you. Many people have email on their smart phones and that works great for home/school communication too! Just let us know how we can help. We would love to share the great things happening at VFES with you!

You can also connect through our new Parent Canvas group. Simply visit This is a great resource for parents that includes calendars, newsletters, safety information and policies.

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