Why You Should Learn Proper Typing

It's Simple!

Typing Incorrectly Can Lead to Health Issues!

Not having good posture while typing can be a big health risk. Your hands, neck, back, and shoulders can get constant pains that are not pleasant to deal with. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is something that can form in your wrists over time. When you rest your wrists on your computer, the median nerve in the carpal tunnel can get entrapped. The nerves pinched and it can lead to swelling of the nerve itself or your tendons in your wrist.

What Health Problems Can Take Place?

There are a few syndromes or diseases that can form if bad posture is taken place. Here are some examples:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • DeQuervain's Disease

These are both bad health issues that can happen and they really aren't treatable. DeQuervain's Disease is where you overuse the tendons in your thumbs. When you tap the spacebar over and over again, it isn't healthy if you aren't taking breaks. You thumbs become useless after a while and they go numb and are just limp. Even if you have good posture, this disease can form.

Examples on How to Have Good Posture

Let Your Finger Glide Across the Keyboard, Don't Pound the Keys!

Proper Typing Can Help Get You a Good Job

A lot of businesses want someone who can type well, especially offices. No business wants someone working at the front desk or in an office who has no idea how to type. To get the work done well and fast, learn how to type properly and your job will be a breeze! In your employers eyes, if you have good typing skills, you are an inexpensive way to increase work productivity.

Ways To Improve Your Typing Skills

  • Make sure you forget any bad habits. Try to break them as soon as possible.
  • Practice stroking the keys without pounding them.
  • Try to keep your fingers anchored in the home position. Your left hand anchored on the keys J, K, L, and the colons. Your right hand should be anchored on the keys, F, D, S, and A. Your index fingers on F and J.
  • Keep moving your fingers left to right on the keyboard. Practice using the right fingers on the right keys. It takes time to get used to extending certain fingers to specific keys.
  • Don't move your hands around! Keep your hands still and in place, it makes typing easier.
  • Become familiar with the keyboard as well. Make sure you know where every key is at so you can get used to only looking at the computer screen rather than keeping your eyes on where your fingers should be. Knowing where each key is on the keyboard will improve your typing speed greatly. You will not only be able to only look at the screen, but your speed will sky rocket!
  • Don't always focus on your speed though. Make sure you strive for accuracy instead of speed. Yes, it is great if you can type fast, but would you rather have a million mistakes in an essay and get it done fast, or type an amazing and accurate paper that may take you a while but will pay off in the end?
  • Lastly, just practice typing sentences. It doesn't matter what the sentence says, it will still improve you typing accuracy and it will help you learn the keyboard. Sooner or later you will be a fantastic typer and you will see great improvement in your skills.

You should be an expert on how to type properly now! Now, go out an try it!

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