Online Life

Social Media

I have a few social media accounts. The ones I frequent the most are Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. I would say the total amount of time I spend on these sites throughout the day is 4 hours. These sites each offer me a different experience online.

  • Twitter allows me to connect with friends and see current events and news.
  • Tumblr is where I can discuss movies and television shows
  • Vine is what I watch with my friends and we repeat the funniest vines to eachother
  • Instagram is where I see my ideal self and the things that I strive towards like fitness or fashion
  • 8tracks is the place where I listen to a huge variety of music and discover new bands
  • Podcasts are what I listen to when I want to hear an intellectual conversation or laugh at some comedians that I follow. My favourite podcasts are Party of Four and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Both are very strange but if there is a certain actor or comedian that you are interested in you could probably find a podcast that they've done.
  • YouTube The biggest time waster!! Where I go to unwind, de-stress, laugh, obsess over actors, watch vloggers, watch people paint, watch people play violin, etc......


I watch YouTube videos mostly on my phone and I would say that this is what I spend the most time doing. I like watching videos because there is such a variety in the things I could watch. I can watch a video from John Oliver's show Last Week Tonight where he is informing me about the bail system in America and then the next video I watch can be a DanandPhilGames where two British vloggers duct-tape their legs together to play Dance Dance Revolution. I think I spend the most time watching these partly because I don't even realize how much time I spend because each video is only like 10 minutes long. I like seeing things that make me laugh and I like watching celebrity interviews. The best (worst) part about YouTube is that you can find as many interviews as you want and before you know it you've watched them all. One of my favourite things to do is to watch vloggers. A vlogger is someone who blogs online and often they share stories with you about their life. I like vloggers because they make me feel connected to them but I don't have to put in any direct effort besides watching a lot of their videos. I like that aspect of interacting with people online because I find other forms of online communication i.e. dming, texting, Facebook messaging complicated and hard. I have always found it difficult even when I was in Grade 6 using MSN. I have a tough time reading peoples emotions even when I am face to face with them. Through text I never can tell if I am saying the right thing or if it is coming across wrong. By watching someone have a one sided conversation I can just sit back and it's nice because I don't have to say anything. The person talking to their camera doesn't care if I don't participate but it still feels like a real conversation. And the best part is that you can revisit that conversation whenever you want! I know that might sound a little sad but I never see it as that because I'm happy every time I get a chance to listen or watch a conversation.

I think I definitely fall under the category of wanting to physically be alone but not wanting to feel alone

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The inside of my iPhone that I use 3 1/2 hours a day