Amy Lee

Biography By:Kyndellynn Scott


Amy was born on December 13,1981.She has a brother,Robby,and two sisters,Carrie and Lori.She lost her younger sister,Lee,to an unidentified disease.Amy had been moving alot,she moved to California,Florida,Illinois and finally settled down at Arkansas.When she got to the age 18,she went to"Middle Tennessee State University",she started study music.In 1995,she use her group of friends to make a band"Evanesecence".In 2008,she got married to George Juergens.She has only one child,his name is Josh Lion Juegens,he is 7 years old.


When she post her new album,Evanesecence had been played on local radio stations since 1998 to 1999.In 2000 she had play her songs like"Whisper,Imaginary and My Immortal"In 2003 she released"Awakening,Underworld,and Power".She had made over 30 songs.In 2006 she singed at MTV Studios in New York City.In 2008 she recorded"Sally's Song and Nightmare Revisited.In 2012 she recorded"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry",that was her last album she ever made.

Research Questions

1.Amy is a positive effect on society because she never give up on herself.

2.Amy made her first,new album"Bring Me To Life",it was a big hit when the album came out.

3.Amy went to summer camp,while she was playing the piano and singing,Ben Moody over heard her playing and he convinced her to form a band with him.

4.Amy is not that happy kind of person,she is a depressing person.

5.The reason I choose her because of her quotes,her talent,and her very good singing.

6.I think that she is very intresting because she never give up on herself,she has a intresting family and I feel bad for her because her little young sister had a disease and died by age 7.

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