.:The Green Teen:.

For ya'll rude drama queens out there!

Tyler De' Angelo

A man of his words, he has been practicing for the X-factor for a very long time. Tyler has always been a pro guitar player and a fan of countryside music.

"I do this for the fans, not the money" -Tyler De'Angelo

Quotes from famous people:

''His voice is like pure platinum" -Simon Cowell


''His singing brings tears to my eyes'' -Robert Downy Jr.

''Your singing is like the best ever!'' -Anonymous

Tyler's biography!

Tyler was born in San Francisco in 1990. He left for Australia, Sydney in 1992. His father was an expert at music and he taught Tyler how to play almost every instrument! He was very good at the guitar. When he moved to Sydney, Australia, he went to a local school. He was always bullied, called ''the musical nerd'' and humiliated. However he did keep his cool. One day, he was almost expelled for getting into a Nerf gun fight, which the teachers thought was a real gun fight. Later on, his father entered him into a singing contest and he unexpectedly won! After winning 8 singing awards in a row, he decided to sign up for the X-factor. Ever since he has been practicing extremely hard for the moment when he will show his real talent.

Hopes and aspirations for the future

Tyler hopes he will become a award winning countryside music author!


This is all for school work, none of this is real!