Rhode Island

Ada and Nathan!

Recreation and Entertainment

We are going to tell you about what people like to do for fun in Rhode Island. Some of the water sports they play are boating, fishing, swimming, and much more! They also like to play tennis, go to golf courses, and and parks. They go horse back riding, hiking, biking, skydiving and enjoy winter sports. Rhode islanders also have Natural History Museums, zoos, also a plantation. They have exhibits on lighthouses and museums.


We are going to tell you about Rhode Islands land forms and geography. Rhode Island has low lands in the South and is located in the Eastern part of the United States. Narragansett bay is deep in Rhode Island. Narragansett bay almost divides the state into two parts. Sakonnet River empties into Rhode Island. Connecticut to the West and Massachusetts is to the North and East.

Fun Facts

There are some awesome facts about Rhode Island. Some of Rhode Islands symbols are bird is the red chicken, flower is the violet, tree is the red maple, fish is the striped bass, and fruit is the greening apple. Did you know that Rhode Islands nickname is '' Little Rhody''? Nine American cities have a bigger population then all of Rhode Island. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States.


Rhode Island has been through a lot of history. In 6000 b.c. the first people are thought to be on Rhode Island.In the 1675-76 King Philips war ended. Rhode Island was the first state to fight against the British.Rhode Islanders attacked British vessels and burnt their ships. Did you know Rhode Island was the first state to declare independence from the British? Rhode Island was the first state to say that it was wrong to have slaves!