Syria needs our help!

How has Genocide affected Syria?

This violence has cost the lives of more than 200,000 Syrians, displaced over half the population and produced widespread atrocities and crimes against humanity. Members of Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority are bearing the brunt of the Syrian government’s massive campaign of crimes against humanity and war crimes, while some of the forces opposing the regime have committed abuses and atrocities against members of Syria’s religious and ethnic minorities.

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How did Syria become a part of this?

The conflict is not simply a civil war between opposing armed forces. What started as a democratic uprising has now become an overtly sectarian conflict in which civilians are targeted for atrocities based upon their religious and ethnic identity. In addition, the self-proclaimed Islamic State IS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, or ISIS, which has been battling both the Syrian and Iraqi regimes as well as some of the Syrian opposition forces since the spring of 2013 is waging a campaign of persecution and horrific brutality against religious communities that do not ascribe to its brand of Islamist extremism.
FSA Genocide against Minorities in Syria World must unite against FSA!!.

Genocide still goes on in Syria

Syria still faces Genocide till this day. People are going through some struggles now. We should stop the alarm and start Demanding. We could also stop Enablers, making core values in U.S. foreign policy. We cannot succeed without the support on corporations and government. "In April 2012, President Barack Obama announced a series of actions to ensure the United States is better able to prevent and respond to genocide and mass atrocities", yet it still goes on today so we must do so for the sake of people around the world.

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