the scientific revolution

by shradha upadhyay

what was scientific revolution ?

  • The scientific revolution was a new way of thinking about the nature world . that was Based on upon careful observation and a willingness to question accepted beliefs and combination of discoveries , and circumstance led the scientific revolution .

who were the people associated with the change


  • Copernicus was born of February 19, 1473 in Torus , Poland . hiss father was a well -to-do merchant family , Copernicus spend his time study in havens . for centuries before Copernicus time had based Ptolemy theory earth was center of universe and motionless . he was died in 15 may 1543 .
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Copernicus theory

  • Copernicus theory was based on Ptolemy the theory was said the earth was the center of universe and motionless . first he was thought they simply moved in circular orbits around the earth it,s was based on view however did not agree with actual observations . then he was thought the planet traveled in small circular orbits.
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  • Kepler was born in December 27, 1571 at weil der stadt in roman holy Empire Residence Germany he was a sickly child but had other impotent mind . he was a astronomer Copernicus . later he was taught astronomer and mathematics and natural philosophy . he was died November 15 -16-30 .
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Johannes Kepler discovery

  • The renaissance astronomer and astrologer Kepler was discovered the earth and the anther planet of solar system travel around the sun . the people still believed that think .

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how did change impact society at the time ?

Galileo pictire

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Galileo inventions


  • Galileo did impact society in many ways . for one , he showed there was a clear connection between the earth and the celestial bodies . he also revolutionized astronomy , alone with the mapping system for stars, plants and the solar system . Galileo also helped society understand the difference between galaxies and star system .


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Copernicus invention

  • They persecuted scientists who formed theories the Church deemed heretical and forbade people from reading any books on those subjects by placing the books on the Index of Prohibited Books. A type of war between science and religion was in play but there would be more casualties on the side of science . he was used Hellenistic theory . today scientist flow Hellenistic theory .

Johannes Kepler solar system model

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Johannes Kepler

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  • He discovery of elliptical orbits let us know planets do not go around a star in perfect circle . The same amount of area swept around an ellipse is directly related to time it take to sweep that area . this mean that the closer the orbits body is to the star the faster is orbits around it and further away it is , the slower it orbits . he published accurate data on the positions of stars and planets which immensely helped navigators . he made various contribution to mathematics , including faster methods of methods of calculation with greater impact was Kepler's laws optics . however , his main contribution with the greatest impact was Kepler laws of planetary motion . these laws provided the groundwork for many great scientific discoveries including sir Isaac,s newton work on universal gravitation .

how is the change evidence in today modern society

The all gays are scientist the all research about galaxy like solar system ,telescope lot more they are very famous scantest . today we used his theorem and we learned about him . he was change the society because the give us very advance technology like telescope , solar system modal , compass . thermometer and lot more