You think you know me; you don't!

Meet-n-Greet Keith Warnick for Ferndale School Board!

Why should you attend?

Meet Keith Warnick; the most qualified candidate for Ferndale School Board

Why should you attend?

IT"S FREE TO GET IN! (........and of course what's shown below)

Come out to meet Keith, support your local restaurants and hear about his ideas to get Ferndale Public Schools moving forward. This is the first of many meet-n-greets with planned releases of White Papers describing ideas to increase student population and enhance district revenue.

Why is Keith the best candidate?

Confidence! He's confident in his decision making based on experience, knowledge and thorough research of each issue. He has always based his decisions on what is best for ALL STUDENTS in EVERY BUILDING of Ferndale Public Schools.

Once a decision is made, he stands by that decision. He doesn't backtrack a few months later saying "I should have done more studying of the issue."

  • More board member experience than any current board member!
  • More years in the district (29) than any current board member!
  • More school board member training than the entire current board combined!
  • More institutional knowledge than any current board member!
  • Past endorsements - UAW, FEA!

For Keith's complete history visit and join the cause with your support to

Thank you!
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"You think you know me, you don't! But you can, just ask!"

Sunday, Sep. 28th, 7pm

22740 Woodward Ave

Ferndale, MI

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Why pay $25 a head for unknown home-cooked stuff when you can come for FREE! And you know you can buy Good Grub and drink at Dino's!

Up close & personal!

  • 7:00 PM to ???? Meet the candidate - Keith Warnick. Eat good food (or drink).
  • Bring your thoughts on moving Ferndale Public Schools forward. Ask any questions about the future of Ferndale Public Schools.
  • Hear Keith's thoughts-, through one-on-one intimate discussions on how recreating Ferndale High School through our Strategic Plan can make it the place more students want to attend.
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Paid for by Citizens to Elect Keith Warnick, 800 LaPrairie St, Ferndale, MI 48220

(This is not an endorsement by Dino's Lounge nor is Dino's Lounge contributing any money to Citizens to Elect Keith Warnick).