Parent Input and Feedback Survey

June 5, 2019

Parent and Family Improvement

Washington Families,

Every year, we review the strengths and challenges we face at WMS. This year, we will be working on improving our communication to families regarding academic, social, emotional, and behavioral progress as well as events and activities. In order to plan for next year, we'd like your input. Please take a minute to complete this very short survey. It is anonymous and will be directed to Mrs. Branson.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback! It helps us direct our planning and improvement efforts.

The link to the survey is:

Best Regards,

Mrs. Michele Branson, Prinicpal

Contact Us!

Please contact us with questions or concerns! If you have specific concerns regarding a teacher or class, we encourage you to email, call or meet with the teacher to work on a solution. Mrs. Coughlin, our school counselor, is your contact for scheduling or student concerns. Mrs. Miller, our Youth First Social Workers, is your contact for community resources, family support, or student therapy group sessions. Mrs. Amuzie, our school Social Worker, is your contact for Food Bags, Hangers Clothing Bank applications, peer concerns, or general student support. If you have continued concerns, please contact Mr. Meyer or Ms. Branson. What we don't know can't be fixed!