Where is Middle Earth

It is in Western Europe

Middle Earth is most likely to have been or is Western Europe

There are so many reasons that Middle Earth is Western Europe. There are mountains such as the Alps, many different languages just like in Middle Earth, and the culture is kind of similar because they eat similar foods and also, Western Europe has a lot of stories with fairies, elves, and other things of the sort.

Reasons why Middle Earth is Western Europe

There are many reasons they are similar. As stated before, in Western Europe, people eat similar food such as bacon and cake to name a few. It is stated in the book the protagonists also eat bacon and cake and other European foods. In Middle Earth, it is shown different animals speak different languages, such as bears. Also, many of the mythical creatures in Middle Earth, such as elves, can be found in West European stories. Not to mention, Western Europe is home to rivers such as the Danube, mountains such as the Alps, and many forests. This is an important fact as the landscape in Middle Earth shares these geographical features. Finally, Tolkien said some of the places in Middle Earth are based on places in West Europe.

Counter Claim

Some people may say that some places fit better, such as New Zealand. However, Tolkien has said before many parts of Middle Earth are based off somewhere in West Europe. This would make sense as Tolkien was raised in England. This, along with the information stated previously, means Middle Earth is almost certainly Western Europe. Below is Rivendale, where the protagonists take a rest and is the residence of Elrond.
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To sum everything up, Middle Earth is most certainly Western Europe as the language, culture, and geography is similar. Not to mention, Tolkien has stated parts of Middle Earth is based off places he visited in Europe. To the right is The Lonely Mountain, which is the residence of Smaug. The protagonists are trying to kill Smaug, so it is most definitely important

Additional Info

Tolkien did not only base Middle Earth off Western Europe, he also had extensive knowledge of German fairy tales, further proving the fact that Western Europe is Middle Earth.