Amesbury Public Schools Update

From the Office of the Superintendent - December 30, 2020

Dear Amesbury Families,

This evening, the School Committee held a Special Meeting to discuss our return to hybrid learning scheduled for Monday, January 4, 2021. Like most communities around us, our numbers have increased dramatically. As of two days ago, the number of new cases in Amesbury in the month of December was 257 compared to 107 new cases in November.

After careful consideration and input from Chief Berkenbush tonight, the School Committee voted to delay our return to a hybrid learning model. At this time, Amesbury Public Schools will return to hybrid learning on Thursday, January 14th. We will continue with the remote learning schedule between January 4th and January 13th. Our Tier 1 students will return to school in-person as planned on Monday, January 4th. Athletics and other in-person school activities are temporarily suspended until Thursday, January 14th as well.

I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year! We look forward to seeing students in-person on Thursday, January 14th.

Thank you,

Elizabeth McAndrews

Acting Superintendent