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Teacher Shout-Outs

Jordan Blount and Calen McNett- Marisa Parks wrote, "Huge Shout Out to Calen McNett and Jordan Blount for all of their work with the kiddos at this week's Hays County Stockshow. The amount of time and effort they spend with each and every student and animal is amazing. Not just the week of the show, but beginning in August they are available for help and advice. As a parent, the time they spend with my 9 and 11 year old truly makes the difference in their experience. "

Kate Clark- Melinda Chavira-Cox wrote "Kate Clark is so proactive! I had a SpEd student who needed a schedule change on the first day back from break, and she was put into Kate's class. Kate immediately requested to know the folder teacher and the accommodations from us."

Travis Crain- Melinda Chavira-Cox wrote, "He goes above and beyond! I had a SpEd student that exhibited the need to be in a Resource class, but he worked hard with this individual one-on-one in a general education class before the student was moved."

Rachel Foreman- Jamie Biel wrote, "One of my former students was going on and on about Eng 2 with Rachel Foreman this morning... he said he was having fun in English, that he appreciated the way they read their books in class (popcorn style with a teacher synopsis after each page, to make sure everyone really gets what they've just heard), he gets a lot from the Socratic discussions, and he really likes being able to think critically and apply the knowledge he has gained. He is a particularly scholarly, student, but still - seems like she is doing a great job of providing her students the opportunity to think outside the box!"

Tom Gabrielsen, James Orozco, Cole RIckman, and Derek Woods- Rachael Koske wrote, "Overall I would like to commend our whole faculty team for coming together to make it possible for me to push the kids as close to Broadway as Dripping Springs can get! Not one of them ever told me I was crazy (to my face. . . )."

Alissa Nevin- Jame Biel wrote, "Same student went on to brag on Alissa Nevin and how she is "a good explainer". He says he watches her video notes for HW and then comes in to class, she connects the dots, and it becomes crystal clear to him. He really appreciates her depth of knowledge and gift of teaching an abstract concept in a way that is totally accessible by teenagers."

Derrick Woods- Rachael Koske wrote, "Derek Woods stepped in as our musical orchestra conductor for the first time this year, and led the biggest pit we've used in years. The clear, direct, yet compassionate way he worked with our largely inexperienced performers as they sang with a live, professional band for the first time (including our lead, Joey Kelley - who had never had a solo before in his life and had 12 in the show!) made it such a positive experience for them."

Personally, I want to thank all the teachers who take time out of thier day to show appreciation for thier colleagues. It is truly a privilege to work at a school where teachers support one another, and give praise where praise is due. I am blown away by work that everyone does here, and you never cease to amaze me in going above and beyond to take pride in the work that others do here in the shared goal of creating the best possible learning environment for our students.

Too Cool for School

Marte Amrine - Had students create and film a rap song they had written and performed concerning Martin Luther's grievances against the Catholic Church based on his "95 Theses". Students then presented them to each other in a gallery walk.

Sara Freeman-They started differential equations, where each student had 3 points. They found the slope at these points. Then they stuck a bendaroo at that point, slanting it to represent thier slopes. This "slope field" then represents all of the graphs whose equations would have these slopes. Seeing is believing:)

Brian Hall and Angela Tennison-Allowed students a two week window where they had to research the Harlem Renaissance and decide how to present the information. Students came up with their own timelines and checkpoints in the process. The end product resulted in an array of ideas including board games, illustrated children's books, and scrapbooks.

Lauren Milner- Our new HST 1 teacher brought in first responders (firemen, EMTs, and police officers) to discuss their careers within the context of what was being learned in class. Students went through three rotations, one stop included getting to run the sirens on a fire truck! See picture below.

Allyson Wright- Was up here on a Saturday with her PALS students to beautify the C-Hall garden. They were getting their hands dirty hauling and laying gravel for the base. See picture below.

Sphere of Influence

Algebra II- (Alisia Phillips and Kris Vannoy) Students completed their box-jump parabola challenge, where they had to graph a group member's box jump, and come to certain conclusions in reference to parabolas. When I went in there on the last day, students were engaged in this project, and holding group members accountable to the last minute, it was controlled chaos, and fun! See picture below.

Pre-AP English I-
(Rachel Foreman, Joe Kirksey, Carrie Remington, and Molly Whiting) Just finished their poetry project to pre-teach skills they will need for thier upcoming research paper. Students chose a poem off of an extensive list and were asked to analyze and present their findings with a partner. This puts the front-loading knowledge in the student's hands.

Spanish I/II- (Kate Clark, Debra Hines, and Derrick Suarez)-Students had to find a recipe along with the cultural ties and nutritional value of the chosen recipe. Students then had to present either live in class or in a digital format the recipe, in Spanish. In Spanish II, students had to produce a video describing an activity they do on a daily basis. See example below!

Have a lovely weekend!

This staff is truly talented in reaching students and finding ways to engage students every day. Thank you for your persistence in seeking innovation in the classroom, your students are lucky to have such an accomplished staff! Lastly, I am going to be asking to film or take pictures of classrooms to build a PD library for the campus, if you have anything going on in your classroom that you wouldn't mind sharing, shoot me an e-mail! Also, feel free to send me shout-outs for your fellow colleagues!