Science Times with Ms. Aufderheide

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September 19, 2016 Volume 7, Issue 2

How to View Quiz Feedback

Did you know that for each quiz or test, I leave individualized feedback for you? Watch this video to see how to access it.

All Assignments Must Be Typed!

As we are responsible for teaching technology standards in this course, it is required that all assignments be typed. I do not accept scanned work. Please be sure to read all feedback and resubmit any scanned assignments.

If you are having trouble with the pdf documents, you can type your answers in to a word processing document and submit that. It doesn't have to be the original pdf worksheet. Remember, each student has access to an O365 account with their GaVS email. It gives you online access to Word and can also be downloaded to 5 different computers/devices.

What Are We Learning in Forensic Science?

In Forensic Science, students will soon be learning about handwriting analysis and how it can be used to solve crimes. The JonBenet Ramsey Case has been in the news lately. Do you remember this case? Encourage your student to watch or read about the case. The forensic science and mistakes in the investigation of this case are fascinating and enforce what we are studying in class.

Welcome to Our 12-Week Students

12-Week students begin class this week. Welcome aboard! You have a busy calendar to ensure that you meet all of the standards and learning outcomes that the other students have been working on.

All other students should take a moment to check out the Welcome Discussion Forum and give a warm welcome to our new students.

Remember that all students end the course on December 9.

Weekly Office Hours

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 5pm

This is an online event.

Did you know that you can log on with your smartphone? Check out the Adobe Connect app. It is free!