Kennedy 5/6 Combo Class

November 14, 2014

Sixth Grade Fundraisers

The sixth graders are trying to raise enough money to make the annual field trip to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island. We just wrapped up a fundraiser selling Hungry Howie's Coupons. Our current fundraiser is selling Thirty-One bags. If you would like to purchase anything, you can go directly to the website: Click on the Mackinac Island Fundraiser and select shop now. We will be earning the commission on all sales. The current specials are the medium utility tote and the square utility tote. Either of these bags is just $7.00 when you spend $35 on other items.

Parent Teacher Conferences

I appreciated having the chance to talk to everyone at parent teacher conferences. If you ever wish to meet with me outside of conference times, please let me know. I can arrange a time to meet with you either after school or before.


The fifth grade had their test on unit three, which covered measuring and classifying angles; angle properties and relationships; classifying triangles and using properties of triangles to determine angle measurements; and properties of other polygons. Next week, we will begin unit four. We will be studying division and reviewing multiplication and division facts.

The 6th graders are working on algebraic expressions and equations and with formulas this week. They have been learning how to use a variable in an equation to show a general pattern and then how to substitute numbers for the variable to show special cases. They have also been learning how to use formulas to solve problems.

Remember to keep up with the at-home math practice. Your child can use computer programs or flashcards if they need to improve their math skills. The more fluent the multiplication-division fact are, the easier the math work we do at school becomes.


The sixth graders completed reading The Watsons Go to Birmingham this week. We will wrap up that book with an exam over the book next week. Their next book will be Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.

The fifth graders are a little more than halfway through Hatchet, by Gary Paulson. Students are continuing to practice their collaboration and discussion skills as well as their reading skills.

Our third group has completed the book Stone Fox and is now reading Top Secret by John Reynolds Gardiner. This book is about a boy who wants to create human photosynthesis for his science project.

We have also been practicing making inferences during the past few weeks. Students have read passages and tried to determine answers to things the author does not come right out and say. They have also had to explain the clues from the reading that led them to that inference.

Social Studies

Fifth Grade: We have been working on a project researching explorers who came to the N-New World from Europe in the 1500's and 1600's. Students are working in cooperative groups to find out where the explorers came from, where they explored, what they were looking for, what they discovered, and what happened because of their discoveries. Each group is creating a presentation with information and photos.

Sixth Grade: The sixth grade is also working on a cooperative group project. They are researching the geographic regions of Canada. The sixth grade groups are creating presentations to show the rest of the class the geographic features, the climate, and natural resources for their region.


​5th grade science- We have been working on the properties of matter. The students have been looking at how the atoms of a solid, liquid and gas are put together. We have completed a mini lab in class looking at the properties of matter with a penny. Be sure to ask your child what properties a penny has. Next week we will be looking at how the states of matter can or cannot change from one to another.

6th grade- We have been studying severe weather and how severe weather forms. We have been looking at what impacts the severe weather has on the surrounding area and the society. The students are concluding this study by doing a poster project about a weather phenomena of their choosing. We have started it in class and the project is due 11-18 for group A and 11-19 for group B.


This week we started up spelling tests again. We will also not have a spelling list the week of Thanksgiving, as it is only a two day week. This week we focused on writing transition words and phrases within our writing. We worked on making a November themed “How –to” comic where students had to write transition words within each comic box. This comic is due on Friday.

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