EDU 100


Anglemans Syndrome Child Julius ( Moderate to severe)

Language abilities : Non verbal, basic sign knowledge, utters

Social Skills: Prefers small settings or one on interaction for 10 minutes max, limited classroom interaction, may become aggressive when able to express

Motor Skills: Needs hand over hand for cutting, coloring, writing

Gross Motor: Runs and plays but stumbles and must be supervised

Playtime: enjoys lego building or stacking games

Upon Entering room

Upon entering classroom, Julius' teachers ( mainstream classroom and special needs teacher) have suggested that Julius have a guided communication pad that he carries all day. The Electronic pad consist of his schedule so he knows what is coming up next. This guided prompt communicator helps Julius go through his day due to the fact that he thrives on routine and is useful should he have a substitute. Julius will know what is expected of him and will make him successful in both settings of classrooms.