The Archive War

How it begins

The Archive war in march 1842 division of the Mexican army under Gen. Rafael Va'saves appeared at San Antonio demanding the surrender of the town. The Texas were not prepared to resist and withdraw.Sam Houston called an emergency session of the Texas congress.They feared that Mexicans would move to Austin and he named Houston as the meeting place.The citizens of Austin, fearful that the president wished to make Houston the capital.
President houston called the seven congress into session at Washington-on-the-Brazos and at the end of December,1842 sent rangers under Co. Thomas I. Smith and Capt.Eli Chandler to Austin with orders to remove the Archives but not resert to bloodshed. The rangers loaded the Achives in the wagon and drove away, but not before Mrs.Angelina Eberly fired cannon at them.On January 1, 1843 the vigilance committee under Capt.Mark B. Lewis seized a cannon from the arsenal and overtook the wagons at Kenney's fort on Brushy creek. Only few shots were fired before the rangers gave up the papers t avoid bloodshed. The archives returned to Austin and Austin became the capital again in 1844