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September 4, 2015

General Information

We have had a great two weeks getting to know the students! We have been blessed with such an amazing start and anticipate a great year!

If you would like some information about Blackboard Learn and how to navigate it to check your child's progress you can check out this presentation on Google:

**We have many students who do not have earbuds or are not bringing them to school. Please check with your child to see if they need earbuds---thank you so much!

Class Happenings

Language Arts

As the newest member to the Mountaineers Team, it has been my pleasure to welcome the students back to school and begin exploring 8th grade English Language Arts. During week one, students had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other through ice breaker exercises and personality worksheets. Rules, procedures, and expectations have been outlined for students so that they can be academically successful this year.

Currently, students are reading Thank You M'am by Langston Hughes and are focusing on conflict, theme, dialect, and characterization. Beginning next week after our Labor Day break, students will begin reading The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. Students will analyze the text's irony and symbolism.


All Math students: We will be using a graphing calculator in class this year. If you have not purchased one, and would like to, look for a TI-83 or TI-84 (edition doesn't matter). While I will have some in class for students to borrow, do consider buying one at any time this year. They will use this calculator through their senior years.

Also, I completely understand that many parents have not seen the mathematics that we do in class in a while and it's difficult when you feel like you can't help. For this reason, homework is graded on effort and many of my homework assignments are videos that the students will take notes with. It's like taking the lecture part of class at home so we can do the work in class where I can help. However, it is imperative that they do this. So please check with your child regularly to make sure they are completing homework.

We are jumping right in with the real number system. That includes classifying numbers, operations with positive and negative integers and fractions, and converting fractions and decimals. So far, students have had two quizzes that can be corrected and submitted for higher grades. We will be reviewing on Tuesday and testing on Wednesday. Wednesday will also be the beginning of our first notebook checks.

Math 1: We have completed Unit 1 which was a review of the real number system, integers, and fractions. They are correcting the Unit 1 test this weekend. We are now beginning Unit 2 which is more focused on irrational numbers which is a new concept for the most part. This is a short unit and we will be testing again soon. Two projects (one small and one larger) will be introduced next week. They expectation is that these will be completed in class. Please be patient with your Math 1 students this year as some will struggle with the fast pace.

Social Studies

In Social Studies classes, we started the year by creating our Snapshot Autobiographies about an event in our lives. After we wrote our own version of the event, we interviewed someone who was present for the event. We then reflected by looking at the two narratives to see how they corroborated (How were they similar? How were they different? How do you determine which one is the most accurate?). This process is one that we will use to help us understand primary source documents. Next we focused on a review of the Five Themes of Geography and North Carolina regions and geography. We ended the week with our Vocabulary List 1 quiz.

Next week we will be studying the 13 original colonies. Activities will include discovering why colonists moved to the New World and immigrant groups that were influential to the development of North Carolina. We received Vocabulary List 2 on Friday and our vocabulary assignment is due on Thursday, Sept. 10. We will also have a vocabulary quiz on Sept. 10.


The Science classes have started off great this year. From the Science syllabus I sent home at the beginning of the year, we will begin covering Fossils and Evolution: Change over Time, during the first quarter. Students will get approx. 12-15 vocabulary words every 2 weeks throughout the year. They will receive the definitions in class and will need either write them in their notebook or type them on their laptops and put them in their science folder. The words are also in for them to study (they should know how to get to this site). Quizzes on these words will be about every 2 weeks as well. They need to understand, not just memorize, the definitions.

Also, to help inform parents and students of up coming tests, quizzes, and projects, I have a membership to Remind101. If you would like to join send a text to 81010. In the message type @mrdunag. It will send a message back with instructions on how to join. I will send texts out as reminders for upcoming quizzes, test and projects. As of now, I only have 60 people who have signed up (this includes both students and parents). Thank you for all you do helping your child with Science.

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