Don't forget to Vote

April 2, 2013

Vote for Soti Wilber

1. Why should people vote for you?

I have proven, and will continue to prove that I am fiscally responsible. I have saved several hundred thousand dollars in less than 2 years, allowing us to continue with needed road repairs while lowering taxes. I am always looking at ways to improve our processes within the Village to make us a more efficient and cost effective organization. I have listened and will continue to listen to our constituents and make the best decisions I can.

2. What do you feel the goals of the Village Board should be?

First of all, we need to promote growth in the community. This has not been the focus in the past. We need to clean up the downtown area and make it appealing to our citizens as well as our visitors. We need to continue on the path that we have started with saving money while maintaining/improving our services. We can also utilizing our Village resources better and more efficiently.

3. What changes would you support in the town?

I would support promoting growth in our community. I would promote a better utilization of our downtown area and improvements to the buildings. For example, using one of the empty buildings for a community involvement learning center where our citizens can go and build their job skills. I would support using our wonderful lake for family activities. I would also like to see a better use of our parks for our children and the community to enjoy.

Voting Day

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013 at 7am-8pm

Village Hall, Silver Lake WI 53170