Tahnee Fritz

By Annah Torres


Tahnee Fritz, born in 1988 in Burlington, Iowa, had always wanted to be a novelist. She took many classes for creative writing and English throughout high school and at Southeastern Community College.

Tahnee has a pet husky/wolf named Baer.

Tahnee's main goal in life is to quit her job and become a full-time writer. Tahnee's first book, The Human Race, was self-published in 2013. Tahnee's favorite genres include: sci-fi, horror, action, and adventure.

Tahnee spends most of her day writing poetry, working on books, and pursuing her passion and love for writing.

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The Human Race: Trilogy

(1) Bridget, living in a world full of zombies and vampires, realizes that there are still things worth living for. In this case, the love of her life she meets, Ryder. Together they try to get to the safe city of Des Moines and survive. (2) Years later, a family found trying to get behind the walls of the city tells about a village near that needs rescuing. Once there, something so valuable is found that if falling into the wrong hands could change everything. (3) After getting kidnapped and Ryder gone she feels that there's nothing left to live for. Depression takes over her and struggles to survive in the kind of world that they're in. She chooses to let the monster loose that dwells in her body and plan for the future that they need to survive.

Crazy for Love

Colton never thought he’d have anything to be scared of. With a sheriff for a father, the fear should have been drove right out of him. Instead, he’s forced to watch his back, knowing the black car will forever be in his rear view mirror. He jumps at the sound of his cell phone, afraid to answer to the red headed beauty who only wants to hear his voice. Moving back home with his parents should have made his life easier. He never expected a stranger to fall hopelessly in love with him so soon.

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Eternity (Coming Soon!)

Calvin and her brother Mark Montague live in the ghetto of 2098. As Mark finds a strange machine and is traveled through time he finds out something so unimaginable. Through the years his sister is devastated without Mark, for she only wants to keep her family safe, finds a drug called Eternity and gives her the ability of strength, agility, and immortality. 300 years later, Mark finds that his sister survived the whole time and is ruling the world in great destruction and is horrified of the monster she became. Her terrifying plans leave him to a hard decision to make.