Water Usage and Conservation

By: Alyssa Y, Britney A, Elaine C, and Cole R.

Water Usage

Water usage has become a huge concern especially in California. We use 21.7% of our water to wash our clothes in the washing machine. We also use roughly 70% outside to water plants. California uses the the most gallons of water out of all the other states in America. We use about 40,000 gallons each day in California.
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Water Conservation

There are numerous ways we could conserve water due to the concern of water usage in California. For instance, taking 5 minute showers could save up to 1000 gallons per month. As well as turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth that could conserve 4 gallons per minute. Fix leaks by dropping some food coloring in the toilet and if the color does show up before flushing, fix it immediately while saving 200 gallons of water. Lastly, taking showers could save up to 35-60 gallons of water than taking baths. Overall, conserving water could help you and your environment.
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Water Distribution

Do you ever wonder where our water comes from. Water can come from ground-water sources or surface-water sources. Groundwater sources are wells, aquifers, or springs. Surface-water sources are rivers, lakes and reservoirs. 90% of Americans get water from a public place, 10% from wells, and 37% of that water, comes from groundwater. Only 2.5% of water is fresh. 97.5% is undrinkable, and 70% of the freshwater is locked in glaciers. The ratio of saltwater to freshwater is 40 to 1
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