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SolarMaxx Solar Water Heaters are amongst the most affordable and simple to install of all solar hot water systems. SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating Systems are built around the revolutionary Vacuum Tubes, and feature an integrated Solar Hot Water Storage Tank that mounts directly on top of the Vacuum Tubes. The Hot Water Storage tank works as a heat preservation unit that keeps water hot for an extended duration with minimal heat loss. Available in various capacity models, SolarMaxx Solar Water Heaters from ILLUSIONS4REAL are a cost-effective investment – wherever you install them!

SolarMaxx is MNRE approved and enables you to avail subsidy from the central / state government.

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SolarMaxx - Leading provider of solar water heating equipments for residential and commercial uses. Our solar system are designed by using water in glass technology to deliver high-quality alternative energy solutions for commercial and industrial water heating purposes at lowest prices. For appointments, call us at +91(141)3153636.

Solar Heating Technology

If you would like to contact to discuss about our solar program, please email us or use the below mentioned form and we will get back to you shortly. We provide solar energy solutions across India.

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