Raymond's Run

By Toni Cade Bambars


Raymond has a rare disorder. He is being taken care of by his sister Squeaky, who is small but not afraid to fight. Her rival is Gretchen who always makes herself out to be better than she is. For example, she will practice piano for weeks and then one day say that she heard a piece and just picked it up like that. Well there is a big race that squeaky is practicing for with Raymond that Gretchen also wants to win. On the day of the race Squeaky wins the race by a neck. She sees Raymond running and decides to be less competitive and teach Raymond how to run.

challenge Connection

Squeaky is really competitive especially when she is around her rival Gretchen who has to be the best at everything. Squeaky wants to beat her at something so she plans to beat her in the 50 meter dash. Which to her should not be that hard since she is the fastest on her street.


Squeaky has a rival named Gretchen that is so perfect at everything and squeaky wants to beat her at a very important race. However, when she wins the race she notices she needs to stop being so competitive with Gretchen and try and be friends.


A. Protagonist

Squeaky- she is very protective of her older brother that has a disorder, she is also not afraid to fight someone. But at the end she notices that she needs to not be so competitive.

B. Antagonist

Gretchen- she loves to be the center of attention and is good at every thing.


Winning is not everything.


Picture of Raymond's run