Stem Cells in a Nutshell

Informing You About the Benefits of Stem Cell Research

What Is a Stem Cell?

A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that can specialize into nearly any kind of body cell. But what does this mean? This means that the cell is not specific to any job, like a young child. The young child grows up and has a talent that specifies their profession. Likewise the stem cell transforms into a body cell that performs a job; for example, cure diseases and replace damaged cells to continue the cell cycle.

More Information About Our Research

Why People Are Against It

Since the cell can transform into nearly any other cell, handfuls of diseases can be treated by them. The reason people don't believe in stem cell research is because when we are taking stem cells, we are at the same time killing embryos, which are only one of the few sources. This is why most people don't support this type of therapy, but it saves more lives than it kills. Over 1.7 million embryos have been thrown away. Think about the amount of lives that could have been saved if we used them for a purpose instead of throwing them away is someone decides that they no longer want their frozen eggs. Who said saving existing lives means you have to kill the next generation?

Want to Help?

Our company is now taking donations to continue our stem cell research. We welcome donations of your embryos and bone marrow. Imagine all of the lives you can save! Now, the people struggling with diseases like cancer, parkinson's disease, alzheimer's, and much more can end the suffering. Thanks to you and your support, the most important medical advancements in history can be possible!